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In Focus | Bioterrorism

Mon Nov 22, 2021
The response to COVID-19 has left some wondering if the current biological threat detection in place is really up to the standards of the threats that we face.Join Dr. Tim Frazier, faculty director for the Master's in Emergency & Disaster Management program at Georgetown SCS, along with Dr. Donell Harvin, senior policy researcher at RAND Corporation, as they discuss bioterrorism.Many would agree that our current biological posture is antiquated. It dates back to 2001 and post 9/11 and the concerns we had there. It's now time, post-COVID, to take a real look at how we respond if we were faced with an intentional biological incident.In Focus is filmed at Georgetown University's School of Continuing Studies and brings together professors, faculty members, guest lecturers, and thought leaders to engage in conversations that range from leadership to technology and beyond.Learn more about Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies at TO GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF CONTINUING STUDIES YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: LINKEDIN: