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In Focus | New Mobility in Metro DC

Fri Jul 30, 2021
The Regional Travel Survey is a survey that provides insights on regional travel patterns in the DC area and how these patterns have changed over time.Join Uwe Brandes, faculty director for the Master's in Urban & Regional Planning, along with Ken Joh, faculty for the program, as they discuss new mobility in Metro DC.The Regional Travel Survey is conducted about once every 10 years and contains findings highlighting key travel trends. One interesting trend includes a dramatic increase in the number of bicycle trips across the Washington region.While the Regional Travel Survey provides the most recent and comprehensive picture of travel in the area, it reflects travel before the COVID-19 pandemic. It is likely we may continue to see a rise in telecommuting, which can have an impact on public transit.In Focus is filmed at Georgetown University's School of Continuing Studies and brings together professors, faculty members, guest lecturers, and thought leaders to engage in conversations that range from leadership to technology and beyond.Learn more about Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies at TO GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF CONTINUING STUDIES YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: LINKEDIN: