New Paradigms for a Palestine in Perpetual Limbo? | Sam Bahour

Mon May 5, 2014
Sam Bahour, Managing Partner at Applied Information Management (AIM), Director at the Arab Islamic Bank, and a policy adviser to the Al-Shabaka Palestinian Policy Network, delivered a CIRS Monthly Dialogue lecture on "New Paradigms for a Palestine in Perpetual Limbo?" on April 21, 2014, which centered on the persisting nature of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Bahour explained that it is not just the overt acts of Israeli violence and injustice that Palestine must overcome, but the "peace industry" itself that has been built around the problem and that paradoxically sustains the struggle even as it attempts to aid in its resolution. A solid superstructure of international NGOs, human rights organizations, advocacy groups, academic think tanks, cultural programs, and solidarity groups have been constructed around the conflict, and thrive off of its existence.