Mobilizing Communities in Occupied Jerusalem | Micha Kurz

Thu Nov 21, 2013
Micha Kurz, a co-founder of "Grassroots Jerusalem," delivered a CIRS Monthly Dialogue lecture ‎on "Mobilizing Communities in Occupied Jerusalem" on November 12, 2013. Kurz works to ‎support a Palestinian platform for community-based advocacy in Jerusalem, putting Jerusalem ‎back on the international map as a Palestinian capital. His lecture focused on the high degree of ‎misinformation regarding the political realities experienced by the increasingly segregated ‎Palestinian communities on the ground. Issues of escalating Palestinian impoverishment are often ‎marginalized, and the daily suffering sanitized, under the Israeli political narrative of "security ‎and peace." Even though Israelis and Palestinians share some of the same physical spaces in the ‎city, their experiences could not be more dissimilar causing ongoing conflict and tension. ‎