The GCC Crisis 2017 | Professors Baabood, Ghabra, Nonneman & Kamrava

Sun Sep 24, 2017
On September 17, 2017, CIRS hosted a Panel discussion on “Crisis in the GCC: Causes, Consequences & Prospects,” featuring Professors Abdullah Baabood, Shafeeq Ghabra, and Gerd Nonneman. All the panellists are renowned academics and authorities in their respective areas of expertise. Baabood specializes in the social, economic, and political development of the GCC and is the Director of the Gulf Studies at Qatar University. Ghabra is a professor of Political Science at Kuwait University and has written extensively on the Arab World, and Nonneman is a professor of international relations and Gulf Studies at Georgetown University in Qatar and specializes in the politics and International Relations of the Middle East. The panel was moderated by Professor Mehran Kamrava, director of CIRS, and author of a number of journal articles and books on the Gulf and Middle East.