U.S. Policy Toward the Arab and Muslim World | Edward Djerejian

Thu Mar 7, 2013
Drawing on his career of experience as a diplomat, former U.S. ambassador to Syria and Israel, Edward Djerejian, offered his insights and analysis of current foreign policy challenges facing the United States in the Middle East and South Asia to a full house at the Diplomatic Club in Doha on March 17, 2009.Ambassador Djerejian, a graduate of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, is currently the Director of the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University. He has served in eight U.S. administrations from John Kennedy to Bill Clinton and has filled such posts as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs and ambassador to Syria and Israel. In 2008, Djererjian published a book entitled Danger and Opportunity: An American Ambassador's Journey through the Middle East, detailing his experiences in the region.